Granger Smith And His Wife Donate More Than $200,000 To Children’s Hospital After 3-Year-Old Son’s Tragic Death

(Youtube Screenshot The Smiths https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9LMmUBsD308)

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Country music star Granger Smith and his wife Amber donated $218,791 to the hospital where their son was treated following a drowning incident before passing away.

The three-year-old son died after accidentally drowning at the family home June 6, according to a report published by CBS Austin. The family originally requested donations be made to Dell Children’s Medical Center in lieu of flowers.

The family itself just donated $200,000 in River’s name Tuesday.

“This is just the beginning,” Granger said while presenting the check to Dell Children’s. “Let this be a small token of the gratitude that we’ve got for you guys.” (RELATED: Granger Smith Opens Up About His 3-Year-Old Son’s Death)

“I’ll never ever forget it. The first thing we wanted to do was start giving back to Dell Children’s,” Granger added.

The family sported the tribute shirts they made for their son which have already sold out. All proceeds from the t-shirts were donated to Dell Children’s.

“I pray that nobody else ever has to go through what we’ve gone through, but if they do, I hope they come here because y’all were incredible,” Amber said.

“We don’t understand why this happened and we’ll never understand, but I promise that we’re going to figure out the good. We’re going to bring good from it,” she continued.