Mark Wahlberg And Baker Mayfield Work Out Together In Los Angeles

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David Hookstead Sports And Entertainment Editor
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Mark Wahlberg and Baker Mayfield took some time to work out together in Los Angeles on Wednesday.

The acting superstar, who abandoned the New England Patriots when they were losing the Super Bowl to the Falcons, posted a video of the two of them together going through a routine.


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Me and my guy @bakermayfield getting after it at @f45_training #heirtothethrone

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If you’re a fan of the Browns, you have to hate seeing this. You just have to hate seeing it. Wahlberg might be one hell of an actor, but he’s soft when it comes to sports.

When the Patriots were down big to the Falcons, he walked right out of the stadium and abandoned them when all hope looked lost. (RELATED: Baker Mayfield Says Duke Johnson Needs To ‘Get Out Of The Way’ If He’s Not Going To ‘Join’ The Team)

The Pats fought and clawed back for a massive victory. If you can’t ride with your team to the end, then you’re not a real fan. It’s that simple.

We might love Wahlberg’s movies, but I wouldn’t want my quarterback anywhere near him. QBs need to be tough. Whether they’re up by 50 or down by 100, they need to have the guts to see things through until the end.

We know for a fact that’s not the spirit Wahlberg carries in his heart. At the first sign of trouble in the sports world, he cuts and runs.

Why the hell would Mayfield want anything to do with that kind of attitude?


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It’s just another sign of poor judgment. If Mayfield is following in the footsteps of Wahlberg, I suggest you guys smash the panic button in Cleveland. It’s not going to be a pretty 2019 if this is where he’s headed.

You just hate to see it!

P.S.: For anybody who thinks I would ever cut and run, I stayed at the bar and watched every single second of Ohio State beating Wisconsin 59-0 in the Big 10 title game a few years ago. I kept the beer flowing, but I refused to stop watching. Wahlberg wishes he had that kind of toughness.