Massive Blaze At Fireworks Shop Sets Off Accidental Display

Virginia Kruta Associate Editor
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Davey Jones Fireworks in Fort Mill, South Carolina, was the site of an accidental fireworks display Thursday after an explosion sparked a fire and set off hundreds of fireworks.

According to local reports, the fire broke out around 5:45 am and “destroyed at least two containers of fireworks stored for sale on the Fourth of July.” (RELATED: Phantom Fireworks CEO Promises The Most Spectacular Display In DC History)

Fire authorities called the blaze a “once in a lifetime fire,” noting that firefighters had to battle the still-exploding rockets and other flying debris as they went in and attempted to contain the fire.

In a fortunate turn of events, the fire was limited to the storage containers. Because the containers of fireworks were being stored outside, the Davey Jones Fireworks building remained untouched by the blaze. No injuries have been reported.