Dog The Bounty Hunter Opens Up About Life Leading Up To His Wife’s Death

(Photo by Jemal Countess/Getty Images)

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Dog from “Dog The Bounty Hunter” opened up about how his wife Beth Chapman prepared him before her death.

Chapman passed away from throat cancer June 26, according to a report published Thursday by Entertainment Tonight. She was 51 at the time of her death.

Dog knew Chapman was near death for the past couple of years and spent the time helping the Bounty Hunter prepare for her passing. (RELATED: Beth Chapman Of ‘Dog The Bounty Hunter’ Series Dead At 51)

“For two to three years, she knew this might happen. So she would say, ‘Who is going to sit next to you?’ And I said, ‘No one,'” he told Entertainment Tonight.

In the moments before she died, Chapman took Dog into the bathroom and told him that he needed to let her go, the Bounty Hunter recalled.

“And I didn’t even make a decision, I almost said, ‘I can’t,'” the Bounty Hunter recalled. “Before I could say, ‘Alright,’ she couldn’t breathe and I called the ambulance…but everyday she talked as if she was not there. ‘Here’s what to do with this, here’s what to do with that. Don’t keep running your mouth. When they ask you a specific question, just answer that.'”

“So, prepared? No, you’re never, ever prepared. You can’t prepare,” he said. “There is no way. I did not know that this was going to happen that day.”