Oklahoma Man Arrested In Stolen Car With Rattlesnake, Uranium And More, Authorities Say

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Katie Jerkovich Entertainment Reporter
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Law enforcement in Oklahoma made one heck of a discovery after pulling over a man and his female passenger for driving a vehicle with expired license tags, per authorities.

It happened last month when an officer with the Guthrie police department pulled over Stephen Jennings and Rachel Rivera for a routine traffic stop. After running the license, the officer found Jennings was driving on an expired license and Rivera was a convicted felon in possession of a firearm, ” Sgt. Anthony Gibbs told ABC News in a piece published Thursday. (RELATED: Florida Man Kept World’s Most Dangerous Bird As a Pet. It Killed Him)

Both people were then placed under arrest. But the real discovery came after law enforcement took the vehicle to be impounded because it didn’t have insurance and first discovered that the Ford explorer had been stolen. Then while authorities were searching the car they found a rattlesnake.

“So when the impound of the vehicle begins and they start moving compartments, here’s the rattlesnake in the backseat,” Gibbs shared. “It was surprising to the officer, obviously.”(RELATED: Woman In Stolen RV With Dogs Leads Police On High-Speed Chase)

They also discovered a bottle of Kentucky Deluxe whiskey near a firearm, Gibbs added. And finally officers found a container of “yellowish powder” labeled “Uranium.”

Per the outlet:

Jennings, of Logan County, told officers that he had the uranium because he recently purchased a Geiger counter to test metals, and the chemical element came with the purchase. He joked with officers that he was trying to create a “super snake,” Gibbs added.

Jennings was arrested on multiple charges including charges of possession of a stolen vehicle and operating a vehicle with a suspended license. Meanwhile, Rivera was arrested on charges of possession of a firearm after a former felony conviction.

However, he didn’t face charges for carrying the uranium because it was within the legal amount.

The snake was taken from the place and euthanized. And because it was snake hunting season in Oklahoma he was not in trouble for that either.

“In the state of Oklahoma, there are certain seasons where you can hunt rattlesnakes,” Gibbs explained. “This just happens to be one of those seasons.”