Big Baller Brand Shirts From LaVar Ball Are Selling For As Low As $5

(Photo by Mike Stobe/Getty Images)

David Hookstead Sports And Entertainment Editor
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LaVar Ball’s Big Baller Brand appears to be in some serious trouble.

Shirts that businessman used to sell for $50 are now selling for just $5, and Darren Rovell added “RIP Big Baller Brand” in response to the shockingly low prices. (RELATED: Charles Barkley Says LaVar Ball Is An ‘Idiot’ Who Should Be Kept ‘Off Television’)

Well, it certainly looks like LaVar Ball and his business are going down the tubes. It’s never a great look when shirts that used to sell for $50 are now selling for $5.

Believe that’s what we call a dumpster fire in the merchandise business.

LaVar has had one hell of a tough go of it lately. He got the boot from ESPN over a perceived sexist comment, Lonzo got traded to the Pelicans and now his t-shirts are selling for the price of a t-shirt.

I’m not sure it could get much worse for him. He’s clearly, spinning downward.

Now, if there’s anybody who knows a great spin zone, it’s the head of the Ball family. If he wants to try to salvage this situation, I’m sure he’ll make it entertaining.

However, there’s a very real chance he might not even care at this point. His platform is dwindling, his oldest son is no longer in Los Angeles and it might be time to relax.

Besides, LaMelo is going to be in the NBA soon. He might as well focus on that instead of selling t-shirts.

He had a hell of a good run! It was fun while it lasted, LaVar.