SEC Officiating Launches Twitter Account, Gets Predictable Response

(Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images)

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The SEC launched a Twitter account Monday called “SEC Officiating,” and its mentions soon turned into a raging dumpster fire.

“This account will serve as your source for rules, videos, statistics and activities inside the SEC Video Center,” the league announced.

The responses to this tweet blew up with some fans bringing up blown calls from past years. One tweet that went viral brought up a missed call from a 2009 Alabama-LSU game, where a 4th quarter Patrick Peterson interception was wrongly overturned on replay. (RELATED: Alabama Destroys LSU. The Highlights Are Incredible [VIDEO])

An oldie, but a goodie:

Other fans also chimed in with blown calls that victimized their favorite teams. (RELATED: NFL Approves New Pass Interference Replay Rule For The 2019 Season)

What was the SEC thinking with this? Which consultants approved this idea?

I can only imagine what this account’s mentions will look like the first time the refs blow a call this season. It will be a train wreck, but admittedly a very entertaining one.

Football season can’t get here soon enough!