‘It Could Be Dangerous’: Dean Cain Weighs In On Attacks Against Chris Pratt’s Gadsden Flag Shirt

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Actor Dean Cain said that liberal backlash against actor Chris Pratt for wearing a Gadsden Flag shirt could be “dangerous” for someone of his superstar status.

Reacting to a Yahoo article which at first labeled the Gadsden Flag T-Shirt seen on Pratt as a “white supremacist” symbol, the “Gosnell” star defended the actor as well as the flag as a symbol of liberty and vigilance against tyranny.


“I am stunned. I don’t know. It’s shocking to me,” said Cain. “There is nothing in the world racist about the Gadsden Flag. Nothing at all. That flag symbolizes liberty and independence, and I think part of the reason they go after Chris Pratt for that is because Chris Pratt is a big supporter of our military. He has played Navy SEALs and things of that nature. He was there for the Murph Challenge. I’ve seen him do a lot of things for our troops. They like him and respect him and a lot of our troops like that flag as well. It’s nothing but Independence and freedom that I can’t see a thing about it that’s racist or white supremacy or anything of that nature. Maybe it’s because they think he is conservative and they want to attack him.”

Acknowledging that nothing about our country’s history is “perfect,” Cain argued that the flag is nevertheless “a big symbol for the United States.”

Can then reacted to a question from Fox News host Tucker Carlson about the fact that, while Cain is openly conservative, people of Pratt’s status who “aren’t explicitly political” could be exposed to danger by being associated with labels like “white supremacist.” (RELATED: ‘Superman’ Dean Cain To Put On Badge As Reserve Officer, Because ‘Real Heroes Don’t Wear Capes’)

“It very well could be,” said Cain. “Fortunately for me, I’m old enough to feel like you know what, doesn’t matter to me. I will voice my opinion. I’m not racist in any way, shape, or form. I’m not even completely white but I’ve been called a white supremacist. I’ve been called a Nazi. You know, Godwin’s law, I’ve been called all those things. It’s craziness. People are doing that — people like Chris Pratt, the guy’s a major movie star. I think he’s a fantastic actor, very funny. But I think it could be dangerous for a guy like that. Absolutely. And that’s not okay.”