POLL: 51% Of People Prefer Invasion Over Air Strikes And Rescue Mission In Response To A$AP Rocky’s Arrest In Sweden

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David Hookstead Smoke Room Editor-in-Chief
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One recent poll shows just how upset people are over A$AP Rocky’s arrest in Sweden.

In response to Sweden pretty much giving America the middle finger and refusing to let the star rapper go, I asked people on Twitter what military option should be used if it comes to it.

The results weren’t really close. Of the 647 voters, 51% voted for a full-blown invasion. That was followed by 38% voting for just a rescue mission, 7% voted for air strikes combined with a rescue mission and only 4% of people voted for just air strikes. (RELATED: Swedish Prosecutor Has No Intention Of Freeing A$AP Rocky, Could ‘Go Harder’ Because Trump Got Involved)

When was the last time the majority of America agreed on anything when there were multiple options on the table?

Trust me, I really don’t want to go down the military route. I really don’t, but the Swedes have made it clear as day they have no intention of letting A$AP Rocky go free after his garbage arrest.

Let’s remember that he tried to defuse to the situation before it ultimately turned violent. To make matters worse, the guy following him around wasn’t charged at all!

If that doesn’t prove what a joke of a situation we have on our hands in Sweden, then I don’t know what will.


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The reality of the situation we find ourselves in is very simple. If President Trump wants to use the military to free this unjustly imprisoned American, there’s virtually nothing the Swedes can do to stop him.

A rescue mission would be over in a matter of minutes. There’s no chance in hell Swedish prison guards are going to get in the way of American operators. No shot in hell.

A full-blown invasion certainly makes things trickier, but it should absolutely still be on the table. At the very least, we have to make the Swedes think we’re willing to do it. A war with Sweden would be over by dinner, and then they’d be wishing they’d done the right then when given the opportunity. I’m not advocating for it. I’m just stating facts.

Either way, it’s clear the American people have had enough of this nonsense. Free A$AP!