REPORT: Crew Members Told Not To Make Eye Contact With Leonardo DiCaprio On Set

(Photo by Isaac Brekken/Getty Images for CinemaCon )

David Hookstead Sports And Entertainment Editor
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Some people who work on set with Leonardo DiCaprio apparently aren’t even supposed to look at the man.

According to a recent profile from The Hollywood Reporter, some members of the crew on “Once Upon a Time in Hollywood” were told to “avoid making eye contact” with the legendary actor.

There are power moves, and then there’s being so powerful crew members aren’t supposed to look at you. I honestly have next to no idea why that’d be necessary, but I’m also not responsible for making hit movies.

Paramount chief Jim Gianopulos told THR that Leo is a “truly lovely human being,” which is always something you want to hear. (RELATED: ‘Once Upon A Time In Hollywood’ Expected To Make $30 Million Opening Weekend)

There are plenty of famous people who are absolute tools. DiCaprio has never really given off that vibe, which is a positive.

Still, it’s a bit mind-boggling to me the guy doesn’t want to be looked at by the people he has to work with on a major film.

As THR pointed out, not much is really known about his personal life or what he’s like outside of what you see in the media.

Maybe, the legendary actor is a super shy guy.

Either way, not wanting to make eye contact is a bizarre request. Yet, when you make the kinds of hits he does, I guess you can ask for just about anything you want.

Finally, THR claims he got $15 million up front and stands to make another $45 on the backend for “Once Upon a Time in Hollywood.” Not a bad payday at all for DiCaprio.

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