Wisconsin/Alabama Games Dominate College Football Talk, Does My Entire Reputation Ride On The Outcomes?

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David Hookstead Sports And Entertainment Editor
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The world of college football has descended into chaos after it was revealed Alabama and Wisconsin would play twice in the coming years.

The monumental announcement was made Monday that the Crimson Tide would travel to Madison in 2024 and the Badgers would head to Tuscaloosa in 2025. (RELATED: Alabama And Wisconsin Schedule Home And Home Football Series For 2024, 2025)


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Wisconsin athletic director Barry Alvarez described the game as “exciting.” Yeah, that might be the understatement of the century.

This might be our nation’s second Civil War, and I’m here for it. For once, the crown jewel of the SEC is traveling north, battle lines will be drawn and the eyes of the world will watch as these two powerhouse programs do battle.

If you think I’m kidding, Reddit exploded with talk about the two games. It’s literally the only thing people in the sport are talking about, and one user was quick to point out it didn’t work out well the last time young men from Alabama visited Camp Randall.

However, this is about a hell of a lot more than just two football games. This about my reputation. That is about the reputation of the entire state of Wisconsin. This is about whether or not Alabama will finally be able to silence me.

For two years in a row, Nick Saban and I will stand toe-to-toe with the weight of our respective states riding on our shoulders. For me, my reputation and the glory of beating Alabama weighs heavily on my back. If we win, I will forever be proven correct and I’ll become the newly crowned king of the SEC. They will be my peasants who dance for me upon command.

If Wisconsin loses both, then exile and banishment might await. A lifetime of humiliation could be on the horizon.

If we split the series, then I suppose both sides will retreat and wait to fight another day.


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To tell you how serious people in the sport are taking these two games. My phone has been buzzing off the hook over the past 18 hours.

Despite the game being five years away, plans have already been set in motion. Wheels are already spinning. The amount of planning that’s going into our victories (Badgers sweeping the series) will make the planning of D-Day look like a picnic.

If Nick Saban knew what was best for him, he’d retire by 2023 at the latest.

After years and years of endless taunting of Alabama fans and their fun retaliation, we’re finally going to get to square up face-to-face.

If that doesn’t have you juiced, then I only have one message for you.

Over the next five years, we will prepare to bring glory to Wisconsin and the Big 10 as we drive a knife through the heart of Alabama football.

Killing the soul of SEC football is now my burden to carry and my burden alone. Never has so much been placed on the shoulders of so few.

We will either beat the Crimson Tide or I will die right there on the field giving my everything in my last breath and effort.

Keep up your energy, Tuscaloosa. Keep it up high because you’ll be seeing me in six years. I expect nothing less than your absolute best.