Dez Bryant Says He Has ‘No Interest’ In Playing In The NFL ‘Right Now’

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David Hookstead Sports And Entertainment Editor
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Former Dallas Cowboys receiver Dez Bryant apparently doesn’t want to play in the NFL anymore.

The once-upon-a-time talented receiver hasn’t played since leaving the Cowboys. He signed with the Saints last season, but that ended with an injury before playing a single snap. Now, he might not have any interesting in taking to the field again. (RELATED: Dez Bryant Shares Workout Video After Achilles Injury)

In response to a tweet about the Cowboys allegedly being involved in a potential coverup surrounding an Ezekiel Elliott lawsuit, the former star receiver tweeted Tuesday he has “no interest” in playing in the league.

He also claimed “nobody” cared about him in the league. You can see his full tweet below.

I hate to sound mean here, but the reality of the situation is the NFL is likely more down with Dez Bryant than vice versa.

He’s a wide receiver on the wrong side of 30, he’s coming off an achilles injury and that’s a recipe for disaster.

Whether Bryant is done with the NFL or not, the league might be done with him.


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The good news for Bryant is that he made over $57 million during his career. If he was even a little bit smart with his money, he should be just fine.

I have no idea whether he was or not, but that’s a hefty chunk of change. If the former Cowboys sensation put a solid amount away during his playing career, then he shouldn’t ever have to worry about money again.


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As unfortunate as it might be say, I wouldn’t expect to see Bryant on a field ever again. He was once a great player, but it seems like that time is officially gone.

Add in the fact he claims he doesn’t want to play, and I think we can all see the writing on the wall.