Huge Hockey Brawl Breaks Out In China, Several Players Suspended

Brawl breaks out at Chinese hockey game, several players suspended (Twitter/Screenshot/Public - User: @derekdegozaru)

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A huge brawl broke out Wednesday at the National Youth Games in Chengde, China after Shenzhen and Hong Kong engaged in a line brawl with just one minute left in the game.

Approaching the final minute of regulation and clinging to a lopsided 11-2 lead, Hong Kong was hoping to exit the arena quietly after dismantling Shenzhen. That was not the case as several Shenzhen players decided to start a scuffle in frustration over the team’s performance.

Video from Twitter user @derekdegozaru shows several Hong Kong players being attacked:

It is truly difficult to watch several Hong Kong players defenseless and being attacked by two players at a time. I am all for an awesome hockey fight, but both parties have to oblige before the battle commences. (RELATED: Man Gets Brutally Knocked Out In Horrifying Viral Brawl Video)

There are three main unwritten rules to hockey fights: no hair pulling, no double-teaming and no hitting a player who has fallen to the ice. Judging by the video, Shenzhen clearly broke at least two of these rules before the brawl finally came to a close.

According to the South China Morning Post,  the Hong Kong Ice Hockey Association has decided to suspend three Shenzhen players who took part in the brawl. A clear message was sent.

stan marsh fighting GIF by South Park

The only good news from this fight from Hong Kong’s perspective is that they won the game. As many people know, it’s not about winning the battle, it’s about winning the war.

The rematch between these two teams should have some interesting fireworks. I expect Hong Kong to be ready for anything the Shenzhen team tries to throw their way.