Quintez Cephus Officially Rejoins The Wisconsin Badgers Football Team

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David Hookstead Sports And Entertainment Editor
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Quintez Cephus is officially a member of the Wisconsin Badgers football team again.

The superstar wide receiver was reinstated to the university Monday after being acquitted on charges of sexual assault, and the athletic department released a statement late Monday afternoon announcing that he was “officially” back with the football program. (RELATED: Quintez Cephus Acquitted Of Multiple Sexual Assault Charges)

The move comes after Cephus was expelled following allegations of sexual assault by two female students. Even after his acquittal, it initially looked like the school wouldn’t let him back in.

They reversed course and Cephus is back with the Badgers. It’s unclear at this time when he’ll be able to play in a game.


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Well, there you have it, folks. We’ve got our best wide receiver back after he missed all of last season dealing with the criminal charges.

Given the fact the jury needed less than an hour to acquit him, it would seem like the school made the proper decision to bring him back into the fold.

There was no doubt at all the university felt immense pressure to let him back in after initially looking like they wouldn’t.

While I ripped them for looking like they wouldn’t reverse the decision, I have to tip my cap to them for turning the whole thing around.

Now, we need to find out if Cephus is ready to go immediately or if there is going to be a bit of a transition time for him to get ready.

Nobody really seems to know just yet when/if he’ll be eligible to actually step on the field. We can figure that out soon.

All that matters right now is that Cephus is getting his life back. Given the fiasco of the past year, I’m glad to see he’s returning to his normal life as a football player.