University Of Wisconsin Says ‘No Decision’ Has Been Made On Readmitting Quintez Cephus

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David Hookstead Sports And Entertainment Editor
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The University of Wisconsin has gone on the record and said no official decision has been made yet about the enrollment status of Quintez Cephus.

The former Badgers star wide receiver was recently acquitted of multiple sexual assault charges after less than an hour of deliberation, and his lawyers are doing everything to get him back into school. However, one of them made the claim Monday that Wisconsin wouldn’t let him back in and that Cephus wasn’t welcome. (RELATED: Quintez Cephus Acquitted Of Multiple Sexual Assault Charges)


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The school pushed, and denied any official decision has been made at this time. The statement from the university released on Monday reads in part:

UW-Madison is committed to performing a complete and thorough review of any petition for reinstatement that it receives. In most cases this involves a full review of all relevant court records, which in this case were not provided in the petition. We are working to gather this information currently and will complete our review of the petition as quickly as possible once we have it.  No decision on this matter has been made at this time.

I’m not a lawyer, and I also don’t understand this situation at all. Cephus was pushed out of the university after his arrest, and that obviously meant he couldn’t play football.

However, he’s since been acquitted on all charges related to the accusations he sexually assaulted two women in his apartment back in 2018.

He wasn’t just acquitted. The star receiver’s fate was determined in the time it takes to drink a cup of coffee. If that’s not clear as day about the jury’s feelings, then I don’t know what would be.


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The university needs to let him back in. Any other decision would be nothing less than an embarrassment to the school.

In what fantasyland does a university think they are a higher authority than the criminal justice system. This isn’t even about getting Cephus back on the football team.

It’s about righting something that’s clearly a wrong.


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If Wisconsin doesn’t fix this situation, I can promise you they will see a loss of financial support among people who are known to write checks.

That much isn’t even up for debate. They need to do the proper thing and fix this situation before anymore damage to Cephus is done.