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IT’S WAR: Scaramucci Calls Trump An ‘Orange Cancer’

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Betsy Rothstein Gossip blogger
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The war of ugliness continues between President Trump and former sycophant Anthony Scaramucci.

On Monday night, Trump continued scorching his former aide.

He was responding to GOP Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel, who had advice for the media regarding Scaramucci.

On Tuesday morning, Scaramucci fired back, pulling out his most blistering insults for Trump yet — remarking on his fireball-hued skin.

“Adding to that he is attacking my wife who is a civilian a private citizen, a mom of 2 young children. He is despicable and will be rooted out of the system before his Orange cancer metatasizes. @realDonaldTrump a COWARD who goes after suburban housewives and their children.”

Scaramucci even called on people who may think he’s a giant loser to him to help him destroy Trump.

Twactivist and Trump hater Montel Williams‘ political director Jonathan Franks is taking up Scaramucci’s cause. Which is saying…something? (RELATED: Montel’s Flack Calls Be A ‘Bitch’ And Lands Us On Page Six)

“So addicted to his Twitter feed is the president that he is using taxpayer funded employees to make childish videos about @Scaramucci on a night he should have been welcoming his grandchild,” Franks tweeted Tuesday morning, referring to Trump’s son, Eric, whose wife just gave birth to another Trump grandchild.

It’s hard to remember the love Trump and Mooch once had, but let’s do it.

“I love the president,” Scaramucci gushed at least 20 times during his rollout as Trump’s head flack in 2017. His mere presence made White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer so disgusted that he ran for the Briefing Room door.

Scarmucci infamous 11-day stint as Trump’s communications director came to a screeching halt when he spoke with then-New Yorker writer Ryan Lizza in a profanity-laced phone call that would quickly get him canned.

“I’m not Steve Bannon,” he told Lizza of Trump’s former chief strategist. “I’m not trying to suck my own cock.”

Scaramucci foolishly thought the conversation was off-the-record because he said his father knew Lizza’s father and thought they had some sort of unspoken understanding that the chat was private. Journalism trumps (pun intended) family and the interview went viral. The men never had any agreement and Scaramucci should have been smarter. To make matters more of a circus, at the time, his wife, Deirdre, had filed for divorce when she was on the verge of giving birth to the couple’s child. Relations were so strained that when their son was born, Mooch could do little more than send a text. He was busily hanging out with Trump on the campaign trail.

So Scaramucci did what any rational man would — with splitsville on the table, he took up with then-Fox News star Kimberly Guilfoyle, who is now happily dating Donald Trump Jr. (RELATED: The Mooch Asks For My Number, Then His Publicist Compares Me To A Nazi)

Don’t forget the rules they tried to implement to avoid being seen together. (RELATED: Scaramucci, Guilfoyle Have No Picture Rules)

After his relationship with Guilfoyle soured, he and his presumed ex, Deirdre, had a ridiculously softball interview with Dr. Phil, in which the notoriously harsh host treated them like baby deer. Nonetheless, Scaramucci and his wife Deirdre are back together, seem happy and even have a podcast: “The Mooch And The Mrs.” (Forget praying. Couples who podcast together stay together.) (RELATED: Dr. Phil Absurdly Makes Scaramucci A Relationship Expert)

But not all fractured couples can reignite that passion.

As of late, Trump and Mooch have been directing their passion at each other’s throats. Scaramucci has been all over the network Trump seems to despise most — CNN — and delivering savage attacks on the man he once said he loved.

Reporters like The Daily Beast‘s Asawin Suebsaeng believe there will be a reconciliation between these two men. After all, don’t some people break up and get back together several times before it’s done done?

After Monday, a reunion is looking more and more less likely.

Scaramucci’s pinned tweet declares himself diabolically opposed to Trump.

But never say never.

Stranger things have happened and Trump and Mooch could be back in each other’s laps by dusk.