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NYT Caves And Says Tea Party Is Racist

New York Times (Getty Images, Daily Caller)

Betsy Rothstein Gossip blogger
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For the second time this month, the New York Times has shown itself to be spineless in the face of the social media Zeitgeist. In other words, lefties complaining about what they’re writing on social media.

The paper published a story Wednesday morning by Jeremy Peters, a MSNBC contributor. Lefty journalists like WaPo race reporter Wesley Lowery, ABC’s Chief Political Analyst Matthew Dowd and CNBC’s John Harwood, who writes a column for the NYT, called out Peters’ story for not explaining that the Tea Party stems from racist roots.

Hey NYT reporters, say hello to your new editor: Lowery called the story “journalistic malpractice.” (RELATED: Lefties Miffed At NYT For Not Calling Tea Party Racist)

Dowd said the piece had a “fundamental flaw” for not including anything on what he believes to be the party’s inherent racism.

The update from the NYT arrived just after 2 p.m.

A reader named Karl Cardona seemed to sum up the situation perfectly in terms of reader and liberal reporter influence over a NYT story.

“The word, ‘racism’, should appear like a quota in every other paragraph (at least) when covering stories about conservatives – politicians or citzens , the right wing, or the GOP,” he wrote on Twitter. “Unless you want to suffer the wrath of the Twitter mob, NY Times!”

Three weeks ago, the NYT caved and changed a front page headline after lefties complained when it did not put President Trump in a poor enough light. The Nation‘s Joan Walsh, a CNN contributor, dramatically dropped her subscription. (RELATED: Lefties Go Nuts Over A NYT Headline On Trump)

Executive Editor Dean Baquet conceded the original headline was terrible and that he hadn’t seen it beforehand.

“It was a fucking mess,” he said during a lengthy town hall.