Nick Saban Says ‘Everybody Wants To Be Number 1,’ Questions How Many People Want To Work For It

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Alabama football coach Nick Saban recently had some incredible comments about having a winning attitude.

The Crimson Tide improved to 2-0 this past weekend after smashing New Mexico State 62-10, but he wasn’t too pleased with the lack of student involvement. That motivated him to lay down some words of wisdom.

Saban said the following about being number one and commitment following their win over NMSU on Saturday, according to Sports Illustrated:

Everybody wants to be a part of the team. Everybody wants to be No. 1, but everybody don’t want to do what the beast does. Everybody wants to be the beast but they don’t want to do what the beast do. So everybody’s got to make a sacrifice. You want to be the lion? Everybody got to do something. Everybody wants to be No. 1. If I asked that whole student section, do you want to be No. 1? Nobody would hold their hand up and say I want to be No. 4. They would all say No. 1. But are they willing to do everything to be No. 1? That’s another question. You can ask them that. I don’t know the answer.

You can watch his full comments below.

I couldn’t agree more with Saban. Yes, you might find it hard to believe I actually said that, but the legendary Alabama coach hit the nail on the head here. (RELATED: David Hookstead Is The True King In The North When It Comes To College Football)

Everybody wants to be the best. Nobody with a functioning brain wants to be a loser, but how many people are willing to do what it takes?

Honestly, Saban has every right to be upset with fans not filling up the stadium, especially students.


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The students demand perfection and wins from the players, but aren’t willing to gut it out in a little heat to watch it happen.

Saban should just have walked out there and given them one simple message.

If you want to be the best, have the best program, have the best players, get the best recruits and have the best fanbase, then you have to be willing to outwork every single other person out there.

You have to be more dedicated to the cause then the guy on the other side of the line. Anybody who doesn’t understand that simply doesn’t understand great football and what it means to be a winner.

While I might not cheer for Saban or support Alabama, there’s no doubt at all that he’s 100% correct here. Props to him for calling out his own people.