Bullet Points: Dems Have The Roadmap For Joe Biden’s Fall; Trump’s Warning For America’s Enemies

(Daily Caller)

Anders Hagstrom White House Correspondent
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Democrats smell Joe Biden’s blood in the water as new polls show Sens. Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren eating up his lead, and President Donald Trump warns America’s enemies on 9/11.

Today on Bullet Points, Host Anders Hagstrom explains how Warren could have a new path to victory. Polls are showing her encroaching on Biden’s lead, with voters from low-tier candidates coming to support her in droves while none are going to Biden. Will Biden’s base of support in the mid-20s be enough to carry him to the nomination as more candidates drop out?

Also today, President Trump narrowly avoided hosting the Taliban at Camp David for peace talks days before 9/11. Hagstrom explains how that decision lead to the ouster of former National Security Adviser John Bolton.

Last, President Trump’s plan to bleed Planned Parenthood of cash has started getting results as two clinics in Ohio are forced to shut their doors. PP officials blamed the closing on Trump changing the rules to qualify for Title X funding.

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