Nick Saban Says He Wishes He Hadn’t Left LSU For The Miami Dolphins

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David Hookstead Sports And Entertainment Editor
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Nick Saban’s biggest regret professionally was apparently the fact that he left LSU for the Miami Dolphins.

Following several successful seasons and a national title with the Tigers, the six-time national champion coach left Baton Rouge for greener pastures in the NFL. However, he quickly went back to the college game after two short disappointing seasons, and landed in Tuscaloosa. His stint in the NFL is something he wishes he’d never done.


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Saban, who is being inducted into the Louisiana sports hall of fame, said the following about leaving LSU and his tenure with the Dolphins, according to the Daily Advertiser on Tuesday:

As it turns out, what I learned from that experience in hindsight was, it was a huge mistake to leave college football. And I know a lot of LSU fans think I left for whatever reasons, but I left because I wanted to be a pro coach, or thought I wanted to be a pro coach. We loved LSU. We worked hard to build the program. If there was one thing professionally that I would do over again, it would’ve been not to leave LSU.

I understand the point Saban is making here, but it’s kind of an unnecessary one. Yes, he left LSU after tons of success to not experience much of it at all in the NFL.

However, I think it’s safe to say it all worked out for him in the end. He’s won five national titles with the Crimson Tide.

While I’m sure he could have won more with LSU, there’s no guarantee of that. What he’s done with Alabama is truly remarkable.


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Who knows what would have happened if Saban had stayed at LSU. There’s no way of knowing at all. It’s nothing more than speculation.

What we know for sure is that he turned Alabama’s program around after it fell hard and fast, and now the Crimson Tide have become a juggernaut once again.


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Saban had a hell of a good run at LSU. There’s no doubt about it, but he’s had arguably the greatest run in the history of college football with Alabama.

At some point, you just have to accept the way things played out and not worry about it.