Former CIA Officer: ‘Pelosi Launched The Titanic Tonight Into A Gigantic Iceberg In November 2020’

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A former CIA officer who is a self-described Democrat compared House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s impeachment inquiry to the Titanic being launched “into a giant iceberg in 2020.”

Speaking on Tuesday night’s edition of “Tucker Carlson Tonight,” Bryan Dean Wright – introduced as a lifelong Democrat – was asked by Fox News host Tucker Carlson if impeachment was a “wise idea.”


“No, it’s not, Tucker,” said Wright. “The whole thing is a disaster. Pelosi launched the Titanic tonight into a gigantic iceberg in November 2020. We had up until now, yesterday, really the last couple weeks it was all Russia. As of later this morning it was Ukraine. This afternoon, Pelosi says ‘you know what, actually now that I know Trump is releasing the transcripts of the phone call, it’s not so much about Ukraine. It’s about other things to be identified.'”

He continued:

“So really it comes down to it, we don’t like Trump and so we’re gonna move forward with impeachment because that’s what our base wants, and that is absurd. That’s not how it’s supposed to work, at all, in our republic. Those are called elections. The Democratic Party other than folks like Tulsi Gabbard understand this. But unfortunately this party is led by people like Chuck and Nancy, and progressives and The Squad, that are driving this party off of the cliff.”

“How much do you think of this is being driven by Ocasio-Cortez and the rest, the freshmen?” asked Carlson.

“One hundred percent,” Wright responded. “Absolutely 100 percent of it. Look, you have to understand that the progressive wing of the Democratic Party is in control of the party. It’s in control of the media, all the talking heads. So folks that I know, my friends who are Democrats, they repeat the same stuff. They aren’t even thinking critically or for themselves.” (RELATED: Biden Says He Never Discussed Hunter Biden’s Ukraine Deal. Hunter Says He Did)

The former intelligence officer noted how Democrats aren’t bothering to ask any critical questions about Hunter Biden’s business dealings in Ukraine.

“Trump isn’t inventing this story,” he said. “It’s been out there for a long time. Now that we are hooking our party’s future on this over the next year, it is a disaster and it’s a disaster for multiple reasons …”

One of the reasons Wright listed is the fact that the “Russian intelligence service has Kiev wired” and likely “know what Hunter Biden and all of his buddies” were up to.

“[Putin] will make up stuff that isn’t true,” he concluded. “Now we are inviting another Steele dossier put on steroids. We are going to put this country through hell again for absolutely no discernible reason. Here we go again.”