Tucker Carlson Defends Carson King: ‘Cancel Culture Is A National Plague’ That Helps Bullies ‘Crush Those They Dislike’

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Fox News host Tucker Carlson defended Carson King and blasted so-called “cancel culture” during a Wednesday night monologue on “Tucker Carlson Tonight.”

King, an Iowa resident who raised over $1 million for University of Iowa Stead Children’s Hospital when a sign he held up jokingly asking for beer money caught the attention of ESPN’s “College Gameday” audience, had his impending affiliation with Anheuser-Busch abruptly cancelled when the Des Moines Register uncovered offensive tweets made when he was 16-years-old.

Carlson began the segment with King’s appearance on “Fox & Friends,” sardonically joking that perhaps the Iowan should never have appeared on the show because it “clearly caught the attention of the journalistic community.”


The Fox News host blasted the Des Moines Register reporter who “decided to basically wreck this kid’s life” by “digging for an excuse to destroy King.”

While the tweets “contain racially offensive humor,” Carlson noted, they also occurred while King was in high school and were from a Comedy Central show that is still on the air. Still, “the Des Moines Register decided that this kid had to be destroyed, so they dispatched a reporter called Aaron Calvin, and he published a profile of King that highlighted the two ancient tweets. Then he went to Anheuser-Busch to tattle on King.”

While Anheuser-Busch promptly dropped “all association with Carson King,” it also ironically is a “major advertiser on Comedy Central.”

“So, in other words, this huge company is happy to crush you for quoting products they fund the creation of,” said Carlson. “If that doesn’t make your head spin, then nothing will.” (RELATED: RNC Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel Criticizes The Left’s ‘Cancel Culture’: ‘A Frightening Path For Our Country’)

After pointing out that the Des Moines Register reporter quickly ended up with his own kind of karma, the Fox News host ripped the concept of cancel culture.

Nobody should have reputation wrecked for dumb jokes made a decade or whatever ago. Cancel culture is a national plague, and the only people it helps are bullies who use powerful platforms to defame and crush those they dislike, often with the help of major multinational corporations. Thankfully, some people are starting to realize that. More than 100,000 have signed a petition calling for The Des Moines Register to apologize to Carson King, and hopefully they will immediately. You should drop your subscription to that paper immediately if they don’t, for real.