Angry Bagel Guy Chris Morgan Bails On Scheduled Boxing Match, Costs Promoter $100K

(Credit: Youtube Screenshot Chris Morgan https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vE2w8YEMB3U)

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Angry bagel guy Chris Morgan is in hot water after bailing on a scheduled boxing match.

Morgan was supposed to fight Saturday night, but announced a couple hours before that he had fooled everyone and he never had any intention to show up, according to a report published Monday by TMZ.

The promoter, Damon Feldman, has allegedly hired a lawyer to look into legal action after the no-show cost him $100,000, TMZ reported. The promoters also reportedly paid Morgan a $3,000 advance, which they expect him to pay back.

Sources claimed Morgan didn’t inform any of the promoters that he was not going to show up. Everyone found out when angry bagel guy shared a video announcing his back-out on his Twitter. (RELATED: Short Bagel Guys Claims He Isn’t Racist, Tries To Justify Using The N-Word)

“I fooled you all. I ain’t coming to the fight,” Morgan said while cackling in the video. “I mean after all, what’s the best way to really not get hit? Don’t be there.”

Producer Matt Wolf stepped in to replace Morgan and was knocked out by “Saved By The Bell” star Dustin Diamond.

I guess angry bagel guy didn’t want to risk getting knocked out by “Screech.” I don’t blame him, but he could have at least told people he wasn’t going to show. The whole fiasco just doesn’t look the best on him.