Former Fox News Analyst: Trump Guilty Of ‘Sedition’ For ‘Inciting Violence Against The Legitimate Government’

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Retired Lt. Col. Ralph Peters accused President Donald Trump of sedition for “inciting violence” in a Sunday night tweet alluding to a possible civil war.

In the tweet, the president quoted Dallas megachurch pastor Robert Jeffress saying Democrats’ success in removing Trump from office would “cause a Civil War like fracture in this Nation from which our Country will never heal.”

The former Fox News analyst and frequent Trump critic appeared with CNN anchor Anderson Cooper on a Monday night bonus hour of “Anderson Cooper 360.” Cooper asked him for his reaction to the presidential tweet.


“One word, sedition,” said Peters. “Trump is inciting violence against the legitimate government of the United States and the constitutional order. And, Anderson, that is a grave crime. You can argue about the meaning of treason, what constitutes it, what doesn’t. Sedition is very clear cut, and you can ask your lawyers. To me this is as bald and plain as it can be.”

Stating that there would not be an actual civil war, Peters did compare Trump’s situation to that of “a developing third world dictator.”

“He’s got to stay on the throne to stay out of prison or in many cases worse,” he said. “Trump, he’s afraid. He’s a frightened, frightened man because if he loses the election and it’s not a forgone conclusion that he will, but if he does, he’s gonna face the rest of his life in courtrooms, perhaps in prison.” (RELATED: ‘Chilling:’ Former CIA Officer Tells Tucker Why Trump Should Ask Senate To Investigate The CIA)

The former Fox News analyst said Capitol Hill Republicans were a “terrible disappointment to me.”

“You see Republicans on Capitol Hill just cowering, just cowering, afraid of Donald Trump, this bloated old charlatan who never served this country in any capacity and all these Republican patriots who served,” he said. “They’re running to make excuses for him, cringing. I know my views are strong on this, but Anderson I love this country.”

Peters called Trump an “embarrassment that cannot be measured.”