Wisconsin Has The Fewest Five And Four Star Recruits Among Top 10 Teams, No Other Team Has Less Than 39

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David Hookstead Sports And Entertainment Editor
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One tweet shows the absurd amount of success the Wisconsin football team has had with less-heralded recruits.

Fox College Football tweeted a graphic of every team in the AP top 10 and how many four and five star recruits each one had on their rosters. (RELATED: David Hookstead Is The True King In The North When It Comes To College Football)

Alabama has 60, Clemson has 40, Georgia has 59, Ohio State has 60 and nobody other than Wisconsin has less than 39.

How many elite recruits does Wisconsin have? A grand total of nine!

I love stats like this. There’s nothing better than reminding the world we don’t need all the flash and glitz that they do in order to win.

The Wisconsin Badgers are proof that it’s better to have a great eye for hidden talent than just stack up on recruits ranked high.

We’re the island of misfit toys. We’re the guys nobody wanted to give the time of day to us during the recruiting process.


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We just win football games. We don’t care about anything else. Everything about recruiting stopped mattering the moment players step one foot on campus.

From that moment forward, it’s just about football.

Sure, Alabama, LSU, Oklahoma, Clemson and Ohio State might get the headlines, the star recruits and all the attention.

That’s fine. They’re like the Army Rangers. Everybody knows everything about them. We’re like Delta Force. We’re a scalpel in a world of hammers.

We go unnoticed, but our results at the end of the season damn sure don’t.

I hope the world of college football and all the “experts” keep counting us out. It’ll make things that much sweeter with every win we notch!

Go, Badgers, go!