CNN’s Cuomo Eats Crow After Slamming Analyst Who Suggested Schiff Had Whistleblower Complaint In Advance

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Former White House Deputy Assistant Fred Fleitz took a victory lap on Chris Cuomo after the CNN anchor was “pretty hard” on his contention that California Democratic Rep. Adam Schiff likely knew about the whistleblower complaint before it was filed.

Fleitz made his argument on Tuesday night’s “Cuomo Prime Time,” receiving considerable pushback from Cuomo.


Drawing on his own experience with whistleblower complaints, Fleitz told Cuomo he thought this one “was very unusual.”

When I saw this one, I thought it was very unusual, not just that it was extremely well written, but it had legal references and footnotes. That was a little bit unusual, but I compared that with the fact that Adam Schiff was talking about the subject matter of this complaint throughout the month of August. He posted a tweet at the end of August that almost identically reflected this complaint.

“But you don’t know any of that,” Cuomo pushed back. “You’re raising it as questions. You know that is meaningless unless you can put some meat on the bones. Of course the Republicans are agreeing with you. That’s the whole state of play. Anything you say that’s negative about this guy or this woman they’re going to pick up on.”

When news broke on Wednesday that Schiff indeed knew about the complaint, Fleitz took to Twitter to tell Cuomo an apology was “not necessary.” (RELATED: Schiff Acted Like He Didn’t Know What Was In Whistleblower Complaint; A NYT Report Suggests He Did)

“You were pretty hard on me last night on @CNN last night @ChrisCuomo when I told you that I assessed @RepAdamSchiff probably knew about the CIA whistleblower in advance,” Fleitz tweeted. “We now know from the NYT that I was right. Apology not necessary.”