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Mika Brzezinski To Greta Van Susteren: Stop Watching ‘Morning Joe’

Betsy Rothstein Gossip blogger
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Whatever you do, don’t insult MSNBC’s “Morning Joe.”

It sure won’t give you brownie points with the show’s co-host Mika Brzezinski, who brought out a hacksaw when Voice of America host Greta Van Susteren dared to dress down the morning program Brzezinski hosts with her husband, Joe Scarborough, and their TV son Willie Geist this week.

Brzezinski, who knows her value, fired back, “Then please stop watching us. What a disturbing tweet. This is about corruption in the Presidency and the hosts that promulgate the President’s lies. A shame not to recognize the importance of this moment.”


Then actress Jane Lynch (a.k.a. sarcastic gym coach Sue Sylvester in”Glee”) jumped into the fiery cauldron of cable news and Twitter.

“@greta Interesting strategy @greta. Stupid. But interesting.”

Van Susteren doesn’t take prickly remarks lightly. She quickly reached out to Lynch to smooth over the friction.

“Why do you insist on lowering yourself to name calling?” she asked Lynch. “Are you really calling me stupid? Come meet with me..let’s talk..see if you still think I am stupid or if you want to apologize. It is one thing to disagree, another to be insulting as it reflects on the person stooping low.” (RELATED: Juanita Broaddrick Calls Greta Van Susteren An ‘Imbecile’)

Lynch later regretted her snark.

“I tweeted a stupid reply,” she wrote. “Deleted it. Sorry. Perhaps I need another Twitter break.”

Parts of the Twitterati didn’t react kindly to Van Susteren.

RumpTrump wrote, “Greta’s #RacistBigotedMoron arse is on full display.”

Van Susteren replied to detractors by playing psychoanalyst. Perhaps this was also a subtweet to Brzezinski.

“Happy and successful people don’t tweet such openly hostile tweets,” she tweeted. “Feel sorry for them. I do imagine what this guy’s life is like to tweet me that.”

Van Susteren is known for tweeting things that are sort of shocking. Like the time she gave her husband sh*t for reading out his credit card number on a train. (RELATED: Greta Van Susteren’s Hubby Reels Off Credit Card Number)

Before VOA, she worked for MSNBC, Fox News and CNN. (RELATED: Van Susteren Is OUT At MSNBC)

As for Jane Lynch, Van Susteren seemed to take the high road. She implored the actress not to bail on Twitter. Hey, Van Susteren has come a long way after calling Tucker Carlson a pig on national TV in 2011 after The Daily Caller reported something disturbing that Mike Tyson said about Sarah Palin. Van Susteren failed to acknowledge that she had breezily invited Tyson on her Fox News program and asked him softball questions.

“Jane, next time I am in LA..or you are in DC let’s have coffee,” she wrote. “And don’t take a Twitter break, we need many voices on Twitter.”