Giuliani Blasts Washington Press, Says They Attack Him ‘So They Don’t Have To Deal With Their Honey Boy, Biden’

Virginia Kruta Associate Editor
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Rudy Giuliani attacked the Washington press during a Sunday interview with Fox News host Howard Kurtz.

President Donald Trump’s personal attorney appeared on Kurtz’s show “Media Buzz” to discuss the fact that advisors for former Vice President Joe Biden had called on major media outlets to stop booking him — and he argued that he was being singled out so that no one would “have to deal with their honey boy Biden.”


Kurtz asked Giuliani about the letter — sent last week by top Biden advisors to multiple media outlets — demanding they stop giving the former New York City mayor a platform from which to criticize Biden and accusing him of spreading “desperate lies.”

As Giuliani has often done in the past, he immediately turned the topic back to Biden and argued that those who were criticizing him were doing so in an effort to deflect attention from the Bidens. (RELATED: Biden Camp Pressures Major Media Outlets To Stop Inviting Giuliani On To Speak About Ukraine)

“The purpose of questioning is to get a little investigation about a scandal at the highest level of the government uncovered that the Washington press has been covering up for three years deliberately, and about which they are going after me personally,” Giuliani explained. “They want — they want to get me, the messenger, so they don’t have to deal with their honey boy Biden. He’s been a crook for 30 years.”

“Sorry, I’ve gone after crooks a lot tougher than him,” Giuliani shrugged as Kurtz tried to interrupt.