Fred Andrews Killed Off In ‘Riverdale’ Promo Following Luke Perry’s Death

(Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images)

David Hookstead Sports And Entertainment Editor
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“Riverdale” returns Wednesday night on The CW, and it looks like we already know how the show will handle Luke Perry’s death.

Perry tragically passed away back in March from a stroke at the age of 52. That left many people wondering what the show would do with his character Fred Andrews. (RELATED: ‘Riverdale’ Will Return For Season 4 On October 9, First Trailer Gets Released)

Well, in a recently released promo for The CW hit, it looks like Perry’s character has been killed off. It’s not clear how it happened, but it doesn’t seem like a violent death.

Watch the promo below.

I’ll be very interested to see how “Riverdale” handles Perry’s death and the fate of Fred Andrews. Clearly, Fred is also dead. That much is obvious.

Having said that, the way his death happens is going to be fascinating. Given the fact Perry died in real life, I’d have to imagine they’re not going to give him a violent death on the show.

Out of respect for Perry, my guess is he’ll die of something relatively vanilla.

With Perry’s death, they’re likely not going to want Fred’s storyline to continue in anyway, shape, or form in the show.

That means they can’t murder him off because that’d just continue the saga. Instead, my guess is Fred Andrews dies in a car crash or from a heart attack.

I could be totally wrong, but it’s what I’d be betting on.

Tune in Wednesday night on The CW for the start of season four of “Riverdale.”