Feminist Writer Says Ocasio-Cortez Haircut Hubbub Is All About Sexism — Here’s What She Missed

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Virginia Kruta Associate Editor
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Feminist writer Jessica Valenti claimed Thursday that people were only concerned with a $300 hairdo because Democratic New York Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is a woman — but similar stories have been written about a number of male politicians.

Responding to a story about the fact that the self-declared Democratic Socialist had spent $300 in one trip to the salon, Valenti argued in a tweet that the price was reasonable considering Ocasio-Cortez’s stature and that “this would obvs never be a story about a man.” (RELATED: Pro-Life Democrat Fires Back At Ocasio-Cortez: Illinois Doesn’t Want ‘A Fifth Member Of The Squad’)

What Valenti failed to mention was the fact that that was the story — about several men.

Bill Clinton

In 1993, even without the added reach of Facebook and Twitter, news spread rapidly that then-President Bill Clinton had shut down two runways at Los Angeles’ LAX while he dropped $200 for a trim from celebrity stylist Christophe. Initial reports suggested that numerous passengers were delayed as planes were forced to circle the runway, but it was later reported that delays were minimal.

John Edwards

In 2007, John Edwards’ campaign disclosed that the candidate spent $800 on two haircuts from a Beverly Hills-based stylist. Part of the steep price was reportedly due to Edwards having the stylist meet him at a location outside the salon, and the story prompted an attack ad mocking him as he styled his own hair before an appearance.

Marco Rubio

In 2010, Republican Florida Sen. Marco Rubio’s primary opponent Charlie Crist — who announced that he was leaving the Republican party, and became a Democrat just two years later — criticized Rubio for spending $134 on a haircut and suggested that some of that money may have paid for “a back wax.”

Rick Perry

Former Texas Republican Governor Rick Perry’s hair has also made headlines, although for different reasons. During the 2012 Republican presidential primary, Perry claimed to spend just $25 to remain worthy of the “Governor Goodhair” nickname. “Twenty-five dollars, good hair cutter,” he said of his long-time stylist Dixie Gilley.

Perry also mentioned Gilley in a 2010 interview, saying, “Dixie’s been cutting my hair for a couple of years now. She’s good with the scissors and laughs at my jokes so I’m always happy to spend some time in that chair. We sit and we have a good visit, catch up on our families.”

Reporters were able to confirm that Austin’s Tarrytown Barber Shop, where Perry went to have his hair trimmed until at least 2010, still charged just $25 for a basic men’s haircut.