Robert De Niro Slams Trump As A ‘Gangster,’ Says ‘Can’t Wait To See Him In Jail’

(Photo by Andrew Toth/Getty Images for DIRECTTV)

Katie Jerkovich Entertainment Reporter
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Robert De Niro continued his attacks on President Donald Trump, calling him a “gangster” and saying he “can’t wait to see [Trump] in jail.”

“We have a real, immediate problem in that we have a gangster president who thinks he can do anything he wants … the problem is, if he actually gets away with it, then we all have a problem,” the 76-year-old actor shared with the Guardian in a piece published Friday. (RELATED: Robert De Niro Said ‘F**k Trump’ At The Tony Awards, And The Audience Went Wild)

Robert De Niro speaks at the "We Stand United" rally on the eve of U.S. President-elect Donald Trump's inauguration outside Trump International Hotel and Tower in New York on January 19, 2017 in New York. (Photo: BRYAN R. SMITH/AFP/Getty Images)

Robert De Niro… in New York on January 19, 2017 in New York. (Photo: BRYAN R. SMITH/AFP/Getty Images)

“The gall of the people around him who actually defend him, these Republicans, is appalling, and we must do something about it,” he added, before blasting the president for his relationship with members of the media. (RELATED: ‘Die Hard’ Actor Rips Into De Niro: ‘It Was Disgusting What You Did’)

“It’s a resentment of people [who are] writing about what we see is obvious gangsterism,” the “Joker” star went on. “They don’t like that, so they say: ‘Fuck you, we’re going to teach you people’. And they have to know they’re going to be taught … they can’t get away with bullying us – people who have common sense and see what is happening in this world, and in this country.”

“They cannot do it,” he added.  “It’s a shame, it’s a shame that [the Republicans] behave so badly.”

De Niro continued his attacks on the president later when he appeared on the BBC talk show ‘The Graham Norton Show” which will air Friday night.

“Oh, I can’t wait to see him in jail,” the “Taxi Driver” star shared when asked if he thought Trump was headed to jail in light of the impeachment inquiry. “I don’t want him to die, I want him to go to jail.”

“Today, we have a weird, twisted president who thinks he’s a gangster, who’s not even a very good gangster … Gangsters have honour, you shake a hand and they have your word and you have theirs and that’s it. But with this guy, it’s not the case.”

The actor has been very outspoken about Trump since he was sworn into office. Most recently, De Niro dropped a series of F-bombs during an interview on CNN when asked about the backlash he gets from Fox News for speaking out against the president.