Bernie Sanders Calls Elizabeth Warren The ‘C’ Word

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Derek Hunter Contributor
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On today’s show we cover the journalistic hyperventilation over a year-old parody video played at a pro-Trump event in Florida that mocked media outlets. Plus, CNN is dealing with a hidden-video scandal exposing their anti-Trump bias, Bernie Sanders calls Elizabeth Warren the “c-word,” Hunter Biden won’t take money from foreign sources only if his dad is elected, and LeBron James comes down against freedom of speech and in favor of communists in China.

Listen to the show:

A parody video played on TV screens at a gathering of Trump supporters. It took a scene from the movie “Kingsman: The Secret Service” and superimposed media logos and the president’s head over the faces of people in a violent fight scene. It had gone unnoticed in the year it was posted online. But the media caught wind of it playing at a Trump-related event and suddenly it became the biggest threat to democracy since the last pearl-clutching liberal declared a threat to democracy in the age of Trump. It’s as absurd as it sounds, and we rip the whole mess apart.

CNN has been hit with a hidden camera exposé from Project Veritas with revelations that would only surprise people who haven’t been paying attention — the top brass at CNN have an anti-Trump bias. It has not been a good time for journalism, as ABC showed a video on the network newscast and Good Morning America they said was from Syria but was actually from a gun range in Kentucky. Sloppy, all-around.

Hunter Biden promises he won’t take any contracts or jobs from foreign countries if his father wins the presidency. What he doesn’t seem to realize is if his father doesn’t win the White House his only internationally marketable skill — being Joe Biden’s son — will have no value on the world stage. We explain the whole corrupt mess.

Things are getting so rough in the Democratic primary that Sen. Bernie Sanders called Sen. Elizabeth Warren a capitalist.

And NBA champion LeBron James proved he is not a champion for the concepts of liberty and freedom when he finally weighed in on the insane controversy of a team’s general manager supporting freedom protests in Hong Kong. It’s amazing what people, even those with more money than they could spend in 5 lifetimes, will do to make a little more. We have all the audio.

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