Tucker Carlson Believes Hillary Clinton Wants To Enter Presidential Race

Photo Credit: YouTube/Screenshot/Fox News/Tucker Carlson Tonight

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Fox News host Tucker Carlson said Tuesday that he believes Hillary Clinton is preparing for a third run at the presidency.

Carlson said that the recent activities of the former secretary of state and 2016 Democratic presidential nominee suggest that she wants to re-enter the political arena. (RELATED: ‘Error’ Page On Trump’s Website Shows Hillary Clinton As President)

“My theory and I think it’s true and someone who works for the Clintons for years confirmed to me, the Clinton’s don’t do everything to make anything haphazardly, everything’s strategy,” Carlson said. “I’m starting to think Hillary Clinton wants to get in the race.”

Democratic strategist Robert Patillo agreed with Carlson, saying that he believes Clinton will enter the race. (RELATED: Hillary Clinton Doesn’t Seem Sure If Transgender Women Should Be Considered Real Women)

” I think she’s absolutely going to get in the race,” Patillo said.


“What we have seen is the Democratic Party has been looking for that standard-bearer,” Patillo said. “You have 70% of the party that is looking for something different, they are hoping it will be Biden but as his campaign continues to get hit over Hunter Biden, gets hit over Ukraine, all these other scandals, that opens the door for somebody like Hillary Clinton who has 100% name recognition”

Carlson then predicted that “of course”  Clinton is preparing to run for president.

“Why are we ignoring the obvious?” Carlson asked. “Of course she’s getting in.”