REVIEW: ‘American Horror Story: 1984’ Throws Fans Major Twist In 100th Episode Of The Series

American Horror Story: 1984 (Credit: Screenshot/Twitter Video https://twitter.com/ahsfx/status/1166033553416568832?s=21)

David Hookstead Sports And Entertainment Editor
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The 100th episode of “American Horror Story” was absolute chaos.


Ladies and gentlemen, the latest episode of “AHS: 1984” was pure bananas! It was absolute anarchy! There is so much to cover, but I want to stick to a few main points. (REVIEW: ‘American Horror Story: 1984′ Is Epic Bloodbath In New Episode ‘Red Dawn’)

First, we get a time jump a few years ahead. Margaret has married Trevor, who survived her fatal attack at Camp Redwood; Brooke is on death row after being convicted of murders she didn’t commit; Mr. Jingles has a new identity and family; the Night Stalker is also on death row after Jingles sells him out; and the ghosts are still at the camp murdering people.

To make things a shade more complicated, Trevor is very well-aware of the fact Margaret tried to kill him and that it wasn’t Mr. Jingles. The two of them are attempting to open up tourist attractions at famous murder sites in some demented business scheme.

Are we all caught up on what’s happening when we jumped ahead?

This is where things go absolutely off the wall in three major ways. First, Brooke gets executed after refusing an offer from the Night Stalker to join the devil and beat death.

Hold on, though! After dying from lethal injection, we see her get injected with something and she springs back to life. Was it the Night Stalker and the devil bringing her back? Nope! It was Donna!

Speaking of the Night Stalker, he did break out thanks to the devil. You’re probably assuming he broke out and off of death row for a casual retirement, right?

He murdered Mr. Jingles’ wife, which causes the man we thought was changed to embrace his former-self and return to Camp Redwood.

Speaking of Camp Redwood, Gus is dead! He’s not just dead, but he’s also very eager to kill Margaret, who is opening up a tourist site there, despite the ghosts just killing left and right.

So, with only a couple episodes left, we’re finally getting our major showdown back where it all began. Everybody, alive or back as a ghost, is descending on Camp Redwood with their own agendas.

On one side, we have the ghosts. On another, we have Margaret and Trevor. There’s also the Night Stalker and the devil. Finally, we have Mr. Jingles, Brooke and Donna.

My theory is the final three are going to come together to take everybody else out. Perhaps, they get a little help from Ray, who really doesn’t seem down with these ghosts massacres.

All in all, it was another insane episode of “American Horror Story: 1984.” This season has been nothing short of absolutely incredible.

Make sure to tune in Wednesday night to watch episode seven of season nine!