Bernie Sanders Says His Ideas ‘Are Not Far-Left’ At Forum In Iowa

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Logan Hall Contributor
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2020 presidential hopeful Bernie Sanders claimed his ideas “are not far-left” at a forum Saturday along with several other Democratic candidates.

During his speech at the Iowa NAACP’s Economic Freedom forum, Sanders said, “My ideas are not far-left, they are the ideas that the American people want.” At the forum, he also seemed to answer a question incorrectly for nearly three minutes. (RELATED: Americans Want Universal Medicare But Don’t Want To Pay Higher Taxes For It)

Sanders has often been criticized for having a radical policy agenda. His campaign platform includes proposals for universal healthcare, free college tuition, a right to housing, and more. He’s a self-described Democratic Socialist and believes his idea of socialism is a key to beating Trump in 2020. (RELATED: Would Medicare For All Have Been There For Bernie?”)

In the latest polls out of Iowa, Sanders is in second place at 19% right behind Elizabeth Warren, who is at 22%. According to the RealClearPolitics average, Bernie is polling at 17% across the nation. As one of the frontrunners, he still remains immersed in a crowded field of candidates. (RELATED: ‘My Ideas Are Not Far Left’ Says Bernie Sanders)