‘Little Hot On Social’: Trump Jr. Confirms The President Told Him To Cool It On Twitter


Phillip Nieto Contributor
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Donald Trump Jr. confirmed to the hosts of Fox & Friends on Tuesday morning that the president told him to stop tweeting because he was a “little hot on social.”

“True or false: Your dad asked you to stop tweeting?” Brian Kilmeade asked Trump Jr. “During the election. Or- after he got the job.”

“There were a couple of times. Took me 41 years to realize I’m probably a lot more like him than we ever thought,” said Trump Jr. “And backed into a corner, we fight. But every once in a while I get that call, ‘hey, you’re getting a little hot on social.'” (RELATED: Donald Trump Jr. And Kimberly Guilfoyle ‘Couldn’t Resist’ This ‘Witch Hunt’ Halloween Costume)

“‘This is the White House operator. The president would like to speak to you,’” he said. “‘Don, getting a little hot,'” he continued, implying that the president was talking.

“I mean, this guy, you know, he gets it. He understands life, he understands people, he understands human nature,” Trump Jr. added. “You know, you can really learn a lot from the guy. He’s amazing. But I was like, this may be the one place where I’m just going to say, ‘I’m on my own, and maybe you don’t have the authority to start talking about this.'”


The president’s eldest son is currently promoting his new book “Triggered: How the Left Thrives on Hate and Wants to Silence Us,” set to be released Tuesday. Don Jr. is the head of the Trump Organization, which he and his younger brother, Eric Trump, took over after his father became president in 2016.

Trump Jr. also spoke Tuesday to hosts of “CBS This Morning.”

“You know, there are very few people that he can fully trust,” said Trump Jr.

“Now, there are people doing great jobs. I think Mike Pompeo’s doing a great job. I think a lot of his Cabinet’s doing a very good job,” he continued.