Joey Fatone Hints At Potential *NSYNC Reunion

(Photo credit LUCY NICHOLSON/AFP via Getty Images)

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Musician Joey Fatone has hinted at the possibility of bringing back everyone’s favorite boy band *NSYNC.

Fatone admitted the reunion idea was tossed around after the band recently reunited for Ariana Grande’s concert set at Coachella, according to a report published Tuesday by Entertainment Tonight.

“I think that’s when it really was kinda a lot stronger because I was with my fellas and stuff,” Fatone told ET. “We were excited, but it was Ariana’s show. So we were just like, ‘Hey, we’re coming in, having a great time.’ And that’s what we did. We had a blast doing it ’cause it was, like, two songs, let’s have fun, no stress on us.”

“So, I say never say never,” he added before saying he has “no clue” if it will actually happen.

Fatone admitted it’s up to everyone else if there actually is a reunion. (RELATED: My Chemical Romance Announces Reunion Show)

“When we did the Coachella one, I mean, there’s talks about possibly toying with the idea,” Fatone admitted. “But we really don’t know… I’m only one [member]. There’s others.”

I’m very much down for an *NSYNC reunion. They were my absolute favorite band growing up and anytime you throw on one of their classic hits at a party in 2019 people go absolutely nuts.

It’s absolutely got to happen.