Ann Coulter Rightly Predicts Her UC Berkeley Protest

Anders Hagstrom White House Correspondent
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Ann Coulter sat down with the Daily Caller before her appearance at the University of California at Berkeley, and she perfectly predicted how protesters would react to her event.

Coulter’s event came roughly two years after her previous attempt to speak at UC Berkeley, which the college stifled after student activists and antifa made it clear they would harass the event. Her Wednesday speech saw masked protesters outside her event, but her speech inside was relatively unaffected. (RELATED: Conservative Activist Punched In The Face At UC Berkeley TPUSA Event)

“I wish all college speeches could go back to what they used to be like. Liberals used to come; they’d have their little protest outside; and really you’d hurt my feelings if you weren’t protesting. But then they’d come in, I’d give a quick speech and take question-and-answer all night,” she told the Daily Caller before the event. “They’re usually a lot of fun.”

The protesters attacked and injured one person who attempted to enter the event, according to Berkeleyside.

UCPD Chief Margo Bennett said the injured person had a ticket to the event and ‘was victimized in the crowd’ and transported to the hospital.

Local news outlets reported that police arrested “six or seven” protesters over the duration of the event, with police officers being drawn from eight UC campuses. Past Berkeley appearances from personalities like Ben Shapiro have cost the college upward of $600,000 for security alone.