Ann Coulter: Impeachment Is A Joke, But Trump Needs To Start Keeping His Promises

Anders Hagstrom White House Correspondent
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Author Ann Coulter sat down with the Daily Caller to talk impeachment, immigration, and give President Donald Trump some advice on winning back voters like her.

Coulter was one of Trump’s earliest and strongest supporters, authoring “In Trump We Trust” in August 2016. But now she says she is more skeptical. When Trump tweeted that he’d be willing to make a deal with Democrats to let DACA recipients stay, she replied that “they can stay. You must go.” (RELATED: Ann Coulter Gives Up On Trump, Tells Him ‘You Must Go’)

Coulter clarified to the Caller that the tweet was not an endorsement of the Democratic Party’s attempt to impeach Trump, but it was a declaration that many of the president’s earliest supporters feel betrayed by his lack of progress on key campaign promises.

Coulter argues that middle America elected Trump thinking his personal wealth would allow him to ignore the strings of Wall Street, but, she says, he turned around and handed the keys over to Wall Street anyway.

Her criticism lead conservative radio host Mark Levin to call her and Matt Drudge “pseudo-conservative” and “sellouts.” Coulter responded by saying she had been a Trump supporter from the earliest days of his campaign, while Levin merely hopped on the bandwagon. (RELATED: Mark Levin Trounces Sunday Shows, Tops Cable News)

“He was with Bill Kristol up until October 2016,” she told the DC. “All these people who hated Trump through the whole campaign. Yeah, they never cared about immigration. I bet they are happy.”