Klobuchar Says She Sees Trump Impeachment ‘As A Global Watergate’

Noah Adamitis Contributor
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Democratic Minnesota Sen. Amy Klobuchar compared President Donald Trump’s Ukraine controversy to the Watergate scandal from the Nixon era on “Meet The Press” Sunday.

Host Chuck Todd opened the segment by asking the Senator about what role public opinion plays in the impeachment hearings, “What role does public opinion play in all this for you? We’re at a stalemate, no matter what you think of the facts, we’re at a public opinion stalemate.” (RELATED: Amy Klobuchar Has No Interest In Seeing Hunter Biden Testify In ‘Sham Investigation’)

Klobuchar responded by saying, “The first obligation is a constitutional one. We don’t have a choice, this is something where the Founding Fathers, themselves, James Madison said that the reason we needed impeachment provisions is that he feared a president would betray the trust of the American people to a foreign power. That’s why this is proceeding.”

“I see it simply as a global Watergate. Back then you had a president in Richard Nixon who was paranoid and he delegated to some people to go break into the headquarters and get into a file cabinet to get dirt on a political opponent. That’s basically what this president has done on a global basis,” she continued. “Yes, it’s a public trial. And the public will be able to see more and will be able to reach their own decisions. In the end, it’s our constitutional obligation and I can do two things at once.”

Klobuchar is a Democratic presidential candidate and is polling at around 2% nationally, according to the Real Clear Politics national polling average.