Michigan Sen. Gary Peters Dodges Questions About The Green New Deal’s Net-Zero Emission Goals

Photo credit: JEFF KOWALSKY/AFP via Getty Images

Henry Rodgers Chief National Correspondent
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Michigan Democratic Sen. Gary Peters dodged questions Sunday about the Green New Deal’s net-zero carbon emission goal, which would attempt to eliminate emissions by 2050.

Speaking to local television anchor Chuck Stokes, Peters said we must push technology as aggressively as we can to meet a zero-emissions target, and said he believes that “we can.” Peters’ response to the question of supporting the Green New Deals ambitious zero-emissions goal comes as he finds himself in a tight race with Republican challenger John James in Michigan’s 2020 Senate Race.


“Do you want zero-net emissions by 2050 and do you think that’s possible?,” Stokes asked Peters. (RELATED: EXCLUSIVE: Poll Shows John James Leading Gary Peters In Tight Michigan Senate Race. Difference Is Within Margin Of Error)

“We have to push the technology as aggressively as we can, but I believe that we can do that through…,” Peters responded.

“So they’re right about what they’re saying, in terms of you in support of zero-net emissions?” Stokes asked. (RELATED: Swing State Democrat Senator Up For Re-Election Dodges Questions On Medicare-For-All)

“Ugh, well we’ve already seen our own electric utility companies have very ambitious schedules, and they continue to move in very aggressively. You’re fighting corporate America, understands that climate change is an existential threat and they are moving aggressively in doing that and creating more efficient vehicles, making sure our buildings are more efficient. I think there’s a lot that we can do. We should look at this as an economic opportunity to drive our economy while also doing the right thing for the environment,” Peters said.

“But I think the key factor is, we should not look at climate change as simply a threat, but really an opportunity to make our economy stronger and make sure jobs are here in the United States and not being exported to countries around the world,” he added.

Peters also recently refused multiple times to answer questions on his past support for Medicare-for-All. When asked in October by the Daily Caller about his stance on Medicare-for-All, Peters repeated the question. “Where do I stand on Medicare-for-All?” Peters asked, surprised by the topic. “Who are you from, who are you with?” he followed up, still refusing to answer after one of his staffers whispered into his ear. Peters again dodged the question when asked Thursday.

Peters faces a tough re-election campaign against James, who is running for the senate again, after a close race in 2018 against Democratic Sen. Debbie Stabenow.

The Democratic Senator’s office did not immediately respond to the Daily Caller when asked about the interview.