Caitlyn Jenner Claims She Once Banned The Kardashian Family From Talking About OJ Simpson

(Photo by Jesse Grant/Getty Images for Comedy Central)

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TV personality Caitlyn Jenner claimed she once kept the Kardashians from discussing the OJ Simpson trial.

Caitlyn has been spilling family secrets on the show “I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here,” including her decision regarding the Simpson trial, according to a report published Thursday by Cosmopolitan.

“It was a bad time for everyone, very difficult,” Caitlyn shared on the show. “We knew what happened and that the trial was a joke and when the verdict came, Kris just turns around to me and goes, ‘We should’ve listened to Nicole from the very beginning. She was right.'”

Caitlyn also opened up about how the Kardashian daughters reacted to the verdict. (RELATED: Caitlyn Jenner Claims She Hasn’t Spoken To Khloé Kardashian In 5 Years)

“That night the verdict came in Kourtney and Kimberly were in school and obviously they loved their father — and they should — and they’d been following this for a year and a half,” she continued. “And when they walked in the door, I think it was Kourtney who said, ‘Well I told you he didn’t do it.’ And I just said to the girls: ‘I don’t want his name ever mentioned in this house again.'”

Kris Jenner also opened up about her emotions on an episode of “Keeping Up With The Kardashians” that aired in October.

“I think I’ve realized that I’ve latched onto the legal side of stuff, rather than deal with the emotional side of myself that just misses my girlfriend,” she admitted.

“You can’t explain this to anybody,” she added. “There’s a part of me that just gets so angry that I mask my emotions of sadness because I can be angry.”