Elizabeth Warren Uses Debate Time To Brag About Taking 100,000 Selfies

Photo Credit: Screenshot/YouTube/CNN

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Democratic Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren used part of her time Thursday during the sixth Democratic presidential debate to brag about the number of selfies she has taken on the campaign trail.

Warren’s comments came in response to a question about former President Barack Obama’s weekend comments, where the 44th president ripped “old men” who stay in power too long. (RELATED: Democrats Are Trashing President Obama’s Legacy)

“I believe that President Obama was talking about who has power in America, whose voices get heard,” The 70-year-old senator said. “I believe he’s talking about women, and people of color, and trans people.”

Warren then said that her experience having taken roughly 100,000 selfies on the campaign trail helps her relate to voters. (RELATED: Is Elizabeth Warren Too Conservative For Democrats)

“I’m crowding in on 100,000 selfies,” Warren said. “That’s 100,000 hugs, and handshakes, and stories.”


Warren is considered one of the leading candidates for the Democratic presidential nomination, and has repeatedly bragged about the number of selfies she has taken on the campaign trail. The senator estimated in a fundraising email sent in August that she had taken “over 40,000″ selfies with potential voters.