Matt Gaetz: Media Giving Pelosi A ‘Proverbial Cat Bath’ On Impeachment, Everyone Else Is ‘Stuck With The Hairball’

(Fox News screengrab)

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Republican Florida Rep. Matt Gaetz poked fun at media praise for House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s handling of the Democratic-led impeachment of President Donald Trump, likening it to a “proverbial cat bath” whereby everyone else gets “stuck with the hairball.”

Appearing on Thursday night’s edition of “Tucker Carlson Tonight,” Gaetz reacted to a clip guest-host Mark Steyn played of Nicolle Wallace, Lawrence O’Donnell, and other media figures on MSNBC praising Pelosi:

“Is she actually going to bring this thing home and deliver it to Mcconnell?” Steyn asked Gaetz, referring to Pelosi’s thus-far refusal to send the articles of impeachment over to the Republican-led Senate for trial.

“Nancy Pelosi appears to be limping through the back nine of the delivering of the articles of impeachment,” Gaetz joked. “I think for the regular folks in this country it’s quite interesting to see an impeachment with, first, no crime and a victim, but now, no transmission of the articles themselves.”

“Listening to that montage you had of the mainstream media giving Nancy Pelosi a proverbial cat bath, it just reminds me that the rest of us end up stuck with the hairball with this sort of bizarre circumstance where, just weeks ago, it was Jerry Nadler and Eric Swalwell saying things like nothing could be more urgent than this impeachment,” he continued. “Swalwell called it a crime spree in progress, and now Nancy Pelosi sort of holds the articles of impeachment like some demented, non-Santa Claus, not delivering the presents to the children. It’s very strange to observe.”


The Florida lawmaker called impeachment a “political process from the beginning,” where “a president’s different type of approach to a particular problem … all of a sudden becomes impeachable.” (RELATED: ‘Why The Self-Righteousness?’ — Tucker, Mark Steyn Tackle ‘False Piety’ Of Pelosi, Democrats On Impeachment)

Steyn and Gaetz discussed the possibility of multiple impeachments along with the fact that the issue has been a political boon for Republicans and their base for the 2020 elections.

“I can tell you here in the state of Florida, our support for President Trump has only intensified when we see these efforts to delegitimize not only his presidency, but our political movement for a positive America, for a newfound sense of populism in our country,” said Gaetz.