Iran Adopts US Media’s Talking Point: ‘US Adventurism’ Caused ‘Human Error’ That Brought Down Flight

Virginia Kruta Associate Editor
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After first denying responsibility for the Ukrainian airliner that crashed near Tehran, killing everyone onboard, Iranian authorities conceded early Saturday that they had accidentally shot it down  — but that “U.S. adventurism” was to blame.

Iranian Foreign Minister Javad Sharif tweeted his official statement, calling it a “sad day” and offered “our profound regrets” to those affected by the tragic turn of events — but reserving some blame for the United States. “Human error at time of crisis caused by US adventurism led to disaster,” his tweet read.

Zarif’s statement echoed those made by a number of media personalities and Trump critics, including some contenders for the 2020 Democratic presidential nomination. (RELATED: Iranian Military Apologizes For Shooting Down Ukraine-Bound Flight, Cites ‘Human Error’: Report)

Television personality Piers Morgan wasted no time in blasting the Iranian statement, saying, “After lying for days, Iran finally admits killing 176 innocent people by ‘accidentally’ shooting down a passenger plane. They blame ‘U.S. adventurism’. No, it was Iran’s reckless stupidity. And this terrible tragedy is far, FAR worse than killing a despicable terror chief.”

According to later reports, however, the plane may have actually been targeted intentionally. Not because the Iranians intended to take down a civilian target, but because someone made the wrong call with a limited window to determine whether it was a plane or an incoming missile.

Both Canada and Ukraine have demanded a “full admission of guilt” from Iran.

Most of the passengers onboard that flight were either Canadian or Ukrainian.