Bernie Sanders Denies Warren’s Claim That He Said A Woman Couldn’t Win The Presidency

Photo Credit: YouTube/Screenshot/CNN

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Vermont Independent Sen. Bernie Sanders denied Massachusetts Democratic Sen. Elizabeth Warren’s claim that he told her in a private meeting that he did not believe a woman could win the presidency.

Warren accused Sanders Monday of having told her in a private 2018 meeting that he did not believe a woman could win the White House. (RELATED: Is Elizabeth Warren Too Conservative For Democrats)

“How could anybody in a million years not believe that a woman could become president of the United States?” Sanders said during Tuesday’s Democratic presidential primary debate.

Sanders also pledged his support to whoever wins the Democratic presidential nomination.

“Let me be very clear. If any of the women on this stage or any of the men on this stage win the nomination, I hope that’s not the case, I hope it’s me, but if they do, I will do everything in my power to make sure that they are elected in order to defeat the most dangerous president in the history of our country,” he said.


Despite the socialist senator’s conciliatory rhetoric, Warren did not back away from her claim, and mentioned that she and Minnesota Democratic Sen. Amy Klobuchar were the only candidates on Tuesday night’s stage to have never lost an election.

“I think the best way to talk about who can win is by looking at people’s winning record,” Warren said. “So, can a woman beat Donald Trump? Look at the men on this stage. Collectively, they have lost ten elections. The only people on this stage who have won every single election that they’ve been in are the women. Amy and me.”