Mandy Moore Reveals Release Date Of First Album In 10 Years

(Photo by Amy Sussman/Getty Images)

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Actress Mandy Moore has announced when she will release her new album “Silver Landings.”

The album will be released on March 6, according to a report published Monday by Entertainment Tonight. Moore also released her first single from the album, “Save A Little For Yourself” on Tuesday.

“Sometimes writing a song feels like giving myself the advice I know I need the most, and it’s often the hardest to heed. It makes the song almost a mantra of sorts — something I know I’ll continue learning because it bears repeating,” Moore said of the new single in a press release, ET reported. “‘Save a Little for Yourself’ is sort of the other half of a love song that we don’t always talk about or acknowledge. Sure, we should open ourselves up, let people in and love them as wholly as possible, but none of that carries any water if we’re not taking care of ourselves first and foremost.” (RELATED: Mandy Moore Announces 2020 Tour After Huge Music Hiatus)

“It might not be as romantic, but it’s an equally important part of the equation,” she added.

“Silver Landings” will be Moore’s seventh studio album and her first album in the last decade.

Moore called the album “California-sounding” and I can’t wait to hear it. She has the voice of an angel as can be seen by her recent role in “Tangled.”

Songs on her album include:

  1. I’d Rather Lose You
  2. Save A Little For Yourself
  3. Fifteen
  4. Tryin’ My Best Los Angeles
  5. Easy Target
  6. When I Wasn’t Watching
  7. Forgiveness
  8. Stories Reminding Myself Of Me
  9. If That’s What It Takes
  10. Silver Landings

Moore will also be going on tour to support the album, which I also cannot wait for. She seems to be tapping back into a part of herself that has been missing for awhile. I’m into it.