‘What The Heck Happened?’: Mika Brzezinski ‘Confused’ By CNN Question That Blows Past Bernie Sanders

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Virginia Kruta Associate Editor
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Mika Brzezinski was “completely confused” Wednesday by a CNN follow-up question that blew past a definitive answer from independent Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders.

Brzezinski was recapping Tuesday evening’s Democratic primary debate on “Morning Joe,” and responded to a clip that showed a question directed first to Sanders and then to Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren. (RELATED: Mika Brzezinski Pushes The Idea That Trump Isn’t Barron’s Father)


Moderator Abby Phillip began by asking Sanders about a report that he had, during a private meeting in 2018, told Warren that a woman “couldn’t win” the presidency.

Sanders, who has vehemently denied that claim, denied it again on the debate stage.

Phillip then turned to Warren, asking, “Senator Warren, what did you think when Senator Sanders told you a woman could not win the election?”

Brzezinski appeared puzzled and said so, responding, “I am completely confused as to why it turned from Bernie Sanders saying ‘I didn’t say it’ to Elizabeth Warren being asked ‘what did you think when he said it?’ He says he didn’t say it. So you turn to Elizabeth Warren and say ‘did he say it?’ That’s the issue.”

“That was bizarre,” political analyst Karine Jean-Pierre agreed.

“I mean, it’s bizarre. What the heck happened there? Are they listening?” Brzezinski continued. “Because you have to listen when you do a debate and then take the question to the next candidate.”

Brzezinski went on to point out the fact that they were talking about a conversation that reportedly happened at a private event, noting that she herself had been the target of such conversations that were manipulated for a particular person’s benefit and arguing that she did not believe that Sanders was the type to say something so politically damaging.

“We have to remember the Democratic base doesn’t want to see this,” Jean-Pierre added. “They want to know how are you going to beat Donald Trump? That’s what they want to see.”