Modern Valentine’s Day Gifts For 2020 Professionals

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Valentine’s Day is on a Friday this year, which means it’s going to be bigger, busier and an all around more lively event for those that choose to go out. For the couple that chooses to stay in, classic gifts might be just what the doctor ordered for you and your partner.

For a more tailored approach. there are some new, innovative and trending gifts to point to for Valentine’s Day 2020. Whether professionals, travelers or a blue-collar workers, these gifts should make any loved one’s life a bit easier.

1. Update Your Travel Gear

Most Valentine’s Day shoppers will spend between $150-$270 on their partner, with Gen X’ers spending the most. Thankfully, you can pick up some high-quality products well within that price range.


For a loved one that’s always travelling, it may be time to update some beat-up luggage. This Samsonite Expandable Hardside Luggage will do the trick. Recommended because it will keep items safe, is easy to maneuver and is super light. Different color options for different personalities, or to keep it looking masculine or feminine.

Samsonite also has so some sleek bags and backpacks for tech-industry workers. If your Valentine carries a laptop or electronics, consider these ‘Remagg’ options for under $150, all items come with a very solid warranty.

2. Fit SmartWatch

We’ve all pledged to a healthier 2020 as a New Year’s resolution. A Fitbit Versa 2 Health & Fitness Smartwatch can help with that, but if it were just a step-counter we wouldn’t recommend it.


Wearable tech was slow to start out of the gate, but as massive improvements have been made popularity has also increased. For under $200 you can track sleep and sleep quality, heart rate, steps and calories burned all while lasting for six days on a charge.

Additionally, it can control Spotify music and can field questions to its built-in Amazon Alexa. If you’re special someone is always on-the-go, this is the item for them…they can also tell people they’re a secret agent when they get caught speaking into their wrist.

3. Tile Tracking Device

With all of our modern devices, we are all used to misplacing our phones from time to time, especially the young ones. No matter the item or device (or keys), the Tile Mate is incredibly handy for tech heads, families and those who often find themselves in a hurry.


A set of keys, your child’s phone or even a bag or purse…a lot of important and expensive stuff can go missing quite easily. Tile is a versatile Valentine’s Day gift for the forgetful partner in crime. Use your phone to ring your Tile when within 200 feet. Oh wait, you lost your actual phone? Press the button on the Tile to make your phone ring even when it’s on silent.

Tile also maps these light (1.76 ounces) water-resistant gadgets, so if you’re out of range to initiate the audio signal, you can easily find where it was, and when it was at that location. If you still can find it, Tile will use other user’s phones to help locate it if they are near the item, sending private updates to you only.

This cool device is only $70, and comes in different sizes which include completely waterproof versions, stronger batteries and louder rings.

4. Smart Mug

Almost everyone drinks coffee, tea, cocoa or something else to give them the extra step for the work day. Believe it or not, even tumblers/mugs/thermos’ are technologically-infused now, and they make a perfect gift for professionals young and old this Valentine’s Day.


It’s crazy what is possible these days, and innovation did forget to touch its toes into the travel mug industry. An Ember Temperature Control Smart Mug can keep a drink hot for up to three hours, or all day long on the charger.

The aforementioned crazy part? You can control the temperature of your drink from your phone. Or, simply use the touch buttons on the mug to change temperature, display battery life or even the mug’s name. That’s right, you can now write ‘Not Yours’ digitally on your mug.

At $180 this is a great mug for commuters or, for a cheaper option along similar lines try a temperature display insulated water bottle. At around $30, these bottles have a digital temperature display, are leak proof, designed to not slide around and come in a variety of colors.

No matter your choice, these items will let your partner know you’re thinking about them during their long days at work, making their travel and active lifestyle that much easier. Happy Valentine’s Day.

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