Fox News’ Chris Wallace Gets Heated With Katie Pavlich: ‘Get Your Facts Straight!’

Justin Caruso Contributor
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Fox News host Chris Wallace got into a heated exchange with Katie Pavlich on air Monday, telling the host to get her “facts straight” over comparisons between President Donald Trump’s impeachment and the Clinton impeachment.

“The fact is that the whistleblower information was given to the inspector general, who gave it to the Justice Department. The Justice Department decided not to investigate, and that is why it went to the House,” Wallace said.

He continued, “So to say that that in the Clinton investigation that these people were interviewed by the house, one, they weren’t, and to say it wasn’t done by the justice … it wasn’t done by the Justice Department, because the Justice Department refused to carry out the investigation. Get your facts straight!”

“Okay, okay, let’s tone it down,” anchor Bret Baier interjected.

“The point is that all the information that the grand jury and the Clinton investigation, all of the witnesses the house wanted to call, that the Justice Department called in the Clinton case, were done before the articles were voted on and put over to the Senate,” Pavlich responded.

“That is not what has happened here. The House voted on incomplete information and give it to the Senate, and now they are saying the Senate should call additional witnesses who have not been called before, and who were not part of the house evidence…” (RELATED: Fox News’ Chris Wallace Mocks Trump: Him Testifying Would Be Like Prince Andrew Talking About Jeffrey Epstein)

“So we just shouldn’t listen to what John Bolton has to say?” Wallace asked.

“I’m not taking a side, Chris. I’m not saying Bolton and should or should not testify. I am simply talking about what senators are saying and they should go with the process…” Pavlich said.

Wallace, a longtime Fox News personality, said in October that a “well connected” Republican thinks there is a 20% chance that Republicans vote to remove Trump from office.